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February 2021

COVID NEWS: Following the government update , I wanted to reach out with my thoughts on what this means for the wedding industry in England. While full clarification is still needed, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Not only do we now have dates to work towards, but it has provided some much needed positivity to start rebuilding couples' confidence again.

Key dates for our industry:

  • 8th March - weddings can take place with 6 attendees

  • 12th April* - weddings allowed with up to 15 guests.

  • 17th May* - weddings allowed with up to 30 guests

  • 21st June* - all legal limits will be lifted on weddings
    *Earliest possible date

Despite all setbacks, the demand for weddings is still strong. Since the green light was given we are already seeing a sharp increase in enquiries and expecting the upturn in bookings to follow.

Things are a little different in Wales but I'm sure we wont be far behind!

Letter to a fellow photographer

January 2021

Received recently by a fellow photographer from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport regarding Covid rules as they apply to Photographers. Which states that...

"Photographers are able to continue working, including leaving from home for work purposes, where it is unreasonable for them to do their job from home."

Note this specifically applies to England... but as yet we have not found any specific recommendations of rules regarding photographers in Wales. 

The general rules in Wales specify...   "Many public services also rely on face-to-face provision, and these can continue where necessary."

We do not wish to take undue risks for ourselves or our clients and insist any non photographic contact is done by email, telephone and video link. 

Contact us to discuss your concerns and requirements. 

School Photography in 2021

January 2021


We are continuing to taking bookings for School Photography 2021.

As school photographers we understand that the continued impact of Coronavirus is concerning and causing disruption to schools. Therefore, we are happy to adapt to suit your needs where possible and can arrange photography over more than one day or, as some schools are, postponing until later in the year.

If you wish to arrange photography in the coming months please read our PPE Guidelines to reassure you that the wellbeing of your staff and students is our top priority and, by following these we are confident that schools will remain a healthy place for your pupils.

We are also advocating online purchasing for parents to reduce contact with the school to a minimum.

Thank you for your attention, please get in touch by email or phone me on 07814 750090 to discuss your school’s individual requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you and stay safe.

Pupil Portraiture in Schools – Coronavirus Measures.

August 2020

Due to restrictions regarding Coronavirus we have drawn up guidelines laying out best practice for when it is safe to continue school photography.

After reading the document please contact us directly to discuss your needs and requirements.

Be SAFE...   from Coronavirus.

Be SMART...   stay informed.

Be KIND...  support one another

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